Grolman presents: the next generation of rheology modifiers

Grolman presented Corel Pharma Chem’s innovative rheology modifier Acrypol ET-28 in the innovation zone at in-cosmetics global from 17-19 April 2018 in Amsterdam.

Acrypol ET-28 is an anionic associative rheology modifier developed specifically for hair and skin care applications. It is a hydrophobically modified alkali soluble polymer emulsion (HASE) with unusually high aqueous thickening and stabilising efficiency that has been specially designed to help formulators achieve a luxurious, transparent and glossy gel.

Acrypol ET-28 is a liquid that instantly thickens when neutralised, making handling easier, improving the manufacturing process and saving time. It is designed for clear formulations and is compatible with non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants as well as electrolytes.

If you’d like to find out more about Acrypol ET-28 or our other premium personal care ingredients, contact our personal care team:

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